CS:GO Reddit Cup II

Countdown to Reddit Cup

by Ethan

After 6 weeks of preperation, 291 +/- players signups for a total of 68 +/- teams, and a few thousand lines of code later, we have a Reddit Cup Torunament.

To everyone competeing, GL HF.

Which de_train?

by Ethan


Quick question... Since the last, post 2 new version de_train have entered into the CS:GO ecosystem. Which version do you want to play? Have another poll:

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Helpful videos:

Reddit Thread

Map Pool Vote!

by Ethan

First, I must apologize for lack of updates. We're still here and working on putting together this Reddit Cup Tournament. We've had a lot of debate on which maps we would be using, so have a poll!

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This poll will be open for a week. We will select the top 6 maps from the poll for use in this tournament. (Excluding duplicates.)

If you're not aware of the differences between the updated versions of the map VS the _se versions, the awesome people at The GO Show have some great comparision screenshots. Personally, I favor using the matchmaking versions of dust2/inferno/mirage.

Want to nominate a map? Let us know here -> Reddit Thread

More updates soon!

CS:GO Reddit Cup II - Announcement

by Nate

Hey there!

Myself and my friend (Otoris) have full intention of picking up Reddit Cup, and hosting it over the (maybe) 16, 17 and 18 of August. We are in the process of creating a tournament system which will gain functionallity over the coming weeks. General tournament rules and information will be up by Tuesday night at the latest. Even though this is short, we just wanted to make our intentions known, and let all of you know that we will be taking this over.

We'll be posting updates regularly to this subreddit. Check back for recurring updates, as we plan on posting a few polls and general questions to gauge community reaction. If you have any questions or want to help, you can send me a message or post here and I will get back to you ASAP! We are looking for casters and server administrators across the scheduled three days.

We're also going to kickstart the prize pool with $200 out of pocket. In the coming week we'll have a web page where you can directly toss money into the prize pool and watch pool grow. We figure having a tournament with no prize is like playing poker without betting real money. No money will be taken off the top, everything is going towards the final prize pool. (Minus PayPal fees probably...)

We hope to make this the best Reddit Cup so far, and just want everyone to have fun.

tl;dr CS:GO Reddit Cup is back, more soon

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